Top Horror Movies that Resembles Conjuring

By | August 24, 2013

Horror movies often deal with the terrible nightmares. They tend to frighten the viewers. There are various films that have been released into the film industry that cause severe injurious to the viewers psychologically. These horror movies grab attention to the most of the viewers because it puts a curious feels into the minds of the people. Most of the frightened children are advised not to watch these kinds of films as they have greater psychological impacts.

"Top Horror Movie that Resembles Conjuring"

Top Horror Movie that Resembles Conjuring

But the act is that these horror movies are fully an imaginative one and hence they pose numerous illusion kind of feel into the minds of the viewers that are terrific to imagine.

But the most advantage part in the horror movies is that they are a time killer and psychologically they make the humans to be more cautious in their ordinary life.

Some of the top rated conjure horror movies includes the haunted house, the evil doll, the paranormal Investigator, The ghost child, and the exorcism. We thought this review would people since after recent blockbuster movie Conjuring which really haunting people around with its excellent screenplay.

The Haunted House

People love to be terrorized. The story is all about a ghostly couple visiting the current couple living in the house and watching approvingly as the house whispered to them that the ghostly couple’s treasure was theirs.

The Evil Doll

In this story the doll is alleged to have an evil spirit that rules out he people in the city.

This doll terrifies the neighbours by moving here and there but acts like a doll to that Otto family. This is cursed spiritually and hence believed to have evil spirit.

The Paranormal Investigator

This is also known as the ghost investigators or ghost hunters. In this film a crew woks in getting rid of the ghost ion the ghost reported area. This crew collect several evidences that depict the involvement of the ghost in the paranormal activity. This has been criticized for its absence of scientific method. This is classified under Pseudo science.

The Ghost Child

This is one of the most famous Singaporean movies. This Ghost child causes several distresses to the choon and his strange daughter. They claim to get rid of it but the efforts are of useless. The ultimate climax lies whether she saves her family from this evil or not.

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