Top Celebrities who overcame Cancer Part 1

By | January 1, 2013

Scott Hamilton:

Scott Hamilton one among Olympic Gold medalist in skating produced by America.  He won the gold medal in 1984 Olympics event. Apart from it he has also won four U.S and World Championship.  Scott was known for his backflip move was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in 1997. It took more than 10 years to battle out of this deadly disease.

"Scott Hamilton Overcame Testicular Cancer"

Scott Hamilton Overcame Testicular Cancer

Cynthia Nixon:

Cynthia Nixon is an American beautiful actress known for her role HBO TV series for ‘Sex and the City’.  She was diagnosed with breast cancer in the year of 2006. Cynthia Nixon has battled her way out of the cancer now and became one of ambassador of ‘Susan G Komen’ for cancer treatment. Also she has been involved in her next project for ‘A Quiet Passion’ staring as American poet Emily Dicknson.

"Cynthia Nixon Overcame Cancer"

Cynthia Nixon Overcame Cancer

Melissa Etheridge:

Melissa Etheridge is an American song writer and singer. She been known for rocking vocal voice which would erupt any set of audience was diagnosed of breast cancer in the year 2004. After battling the cancer by undergoing chemotherapy treatment won Janis Joplin’s ‘Piece of My Heart’ at the Grammy 2005. After it the rock star has been involved with lot of soundtrack in TV series.

"Melissa Etheridge Overcame Breast Cancer"

Melissa Etheridge Overcame Breast Cancer

I will be back with my Top Celebrities who overcame Cancer Part 2.

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