Top 5 Seducive Actress of 2013

By | August 28, 2013

Hollywood is known for its outrageous actress. There are several Hollywood fans who are willing to know more about the top rated actress. This is due to the curiosity of several fans club and also on another hand this also encourages the actress in that field to put on more efforts in order to earn a lot more credit. There are many beautiful and hot actress on the holly wood. Generally they are rated depending upon their appearance, their attitude, their hard work in the film and their contribution in making the film a more success one.

The attractive power of the women lies in her eyes. Most of the Hollywood actress uses this weapon in order to seduce the viewers. There are many Hollywood actress who has the most attractive and sedative eyes. Some of them include Olivia Wilde, Bar Rafaeli, Charlize Theron. Salma Hayek, Marion Cotillard.

Olivia Wilde

She is one of the most popular American actresses known for her charming eyes. She was born on New York and her father is a journalist. Some of films include the girl next door, alpha dogs, conversation with other women and a lot more. She got a dual citizenship for both America and Ireland. On 2003 she got married to an Italian film maker Tao Ruspoli but at current she is engaged to Jason Sudeikis.

Bar Rafaeli

She is an Israeli fashion model, She was born in a Jewish family and her father own horse ranch. She begins her modelling career at the age of eight months appearing in many commercial televisions. She is known for her sensational smile.

Charlize Theron

She is an American actress and a fashion model. Her name got fame by late 1990s. She grabbed the best academy award for the best actress. She also received golden globe award for her performance in the North Country in 2005. She was born on South Africa. Her father as known to be killed by her mother lawfully by he firearm in 1991. She was known to suffer from herniated disc in her neck, where she got by falling down during one of her shooting. She is greatly known to be a great supporter of women rights organisations.

Salma Hayek

She is a Mexican and American film actress, director and producer. She is also credited for her performance as a singer in many films. She is a Catholic. She was a member of Cannes Film festival.

Marion Cotillard

She is a French actress. She received the Academy award for the best actress in 2007.

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