Tom Cruise Jack Reacher Movie Preview

By | December 30, 2012

Jack Reacher most awaited upcoming movie of Tom Cruise. The movie set to release on December 21, 2012. After the Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol by Tom Cruise this movie really sets fire and anticipation among the fans. The Jack Reacher movie is filmed based on the novel “One Shot” by Lee Child. The film is written and directed by Christoper McQuarrie. He is the same director who directed box office hit MIP 4 and again Tom Cruise and Christoper McQuarrie the deadly combo has joined hands.

"Jack Reacher HD Wallpapers'

Jack Reacher HD Wallpapers

The story line of the movie starts with five people were shot dead in the city. On the first impression cops thought that its just another case could be solved easily. After some time people start to realize the complexity involved in it.

When cops arrested the James Barr former military sniper who kills five people with six shot. James Barr and Jack Reacher as Tom Cruise worked together in military. When Jame Barr killed four people similar to this recent instance in which escapes of it. At the time Jack Reacher makes owe he will return if he finds anything similar happens and stop him. Jack Reacher will be currently jobless who lives with high morals. As Job Reacher also feel James Barr guilty when his sister defend the case with young lawyer Rosamund Pike as Helen Rodin.

"Jack Reacher Hot Wallpapers"

Jack Reacher Hot Wallpapers

After investigation starts by Jack Reacher he starts to pull things off and find there been third party involved in the case. Jack Reacher also finds out clues from Robert Duvall as Cash. A shooting range been owned by Cash who relate information about James Barr recent shooting skills and stats. By solving mystery Jack Reacher finds out someone behind this and James Barr being setup to kill people.

At end Jack Reacher clashes with Russian mafia gang who been behind this case. The lead villain played by Werner Herzog as The Zec is an infamous Soviet Gulag. The movie tend to move how Jack Reach utilize is extreme skills at under big pressure times and conqueror the fortress and make Zec to tell out truth to this world.

"Jack Reacher Tom Cruise HD Wallpapers"

Jack Reacher Tom Cruise HD Wallpapers

The movie promotion are been just start to creep up which going to be big treat for fans in this Christmas. Hope everyone will have Reacher X’Mas!!.

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