The To Do List Movie Review

By | July 24, 2013

The comedy movie which will be released on the 26th of July 2013 is The To Do List. This is the first movie directed by Maggie Carey. The movie is produced by Jennifer Todd, Brian Robbins, Sharla Sumpter Bridgett, Executive producers, Mark Gordon, Maggie Carey, Bill Hader, Tracy McGrath, Greg Walter, Tom Lassally. The movie will be released under the production of CBS Films and Varsity Pictures/Mark Gordon Co.Production.

"The To Do List Movie Review"

The To Do List Movie Review

Aubrey Plaza plays the lead role in this movie. Along with her Johnny Simmons, Bill Hader, Alia Shawkat, Sarah Steele, Scott Porter, Rachel Bilson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Andy Samberg, Donald Glover, Adam Pally, D.C. Pierson, Dominic Dierkes, Connie Britton, Clark Gregg have also acted in this movie.

This movie is about a girl who has always ranked 1 the class in her high school. While all her fellow mates were busy roaming and doing all youth stuffs she was immersed in her studies to score high grades. Brandy finally decides that before going to college she must enjoy whatever she missed in her school life.

She prepares a To Do List which she plans to finish in the month of September. She gets guidance from her friends to fill up the list. In her venture to enjoy her missed life she goes to an extent of setting on a crash course in masturbation and oral pleasure which she enjoys in her Chemistry lab. To move further she joins as a lifeguard at a community swimming pool during the summer where she meets good looking guy named Rusty Waters.

She becomes very close with Waters which even pull her to an extent of losing her virginity. The rest of the movie shows how she fulfills all the items in her list, what all risks she faced on the journey to achieve it and finally how she ended her summer vacation.

Although many movies have been released based on how teenage girls try to act and become grownups, this movie with its unique way of comedy and sex shows the life of teenage girl in different angle. The movie also tells that even though sex is a big thing in life, it is not the only big thing in entire life. With all the comedy scenes in this movie Maggie Carey has done justice in her debut movie. It is eminent that it will not look like her first movie as every scene in the movie will make the audience enjoy the movie.

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