The Sweeney Movie Review

By | January 20, 2013

The next British action film which is set to be released is “The Sweeney”. The movie is being produced by Allan Niblo, Rupert Preston, James Richardson, Christopher Simon and Felix Vossen. The film is being directed by Nick Love. The music director of this movie is Lorne Balfe. The main characters in this movie are being played by the actors Damian Lewis, Hayley Atwell, Ray Winstone, Steven Mackintosh, Allen Leech, Kara Tointon and many more. It is planned to be released on the 1st of March in 2013 USA.

"Hayley Atwell Hot HD Wallpaper"

Hayley Atwell Hot HD Wallpaper

The movie as told earlier is a British action movie which is based on the television series which came in the same name in 1970’s. The movie is set to happen in the streets on London. The movie shows up the main theme that sometimes one has to act like a criminal to catch a criminal. The Sweeney Flying Squad is old school crime fighters enforcing the law. It is led by the legendary detective Jack Regan and his loyal partner. They as a team solve all problems with their unique way of operating and finding the results. Regan does anything to get the job done. The rest of the story shows how they untie all the knots which come across them.

"Kara Tointon Hot HD Wallpapers from the Movie The Sweeney"

Kara Tointon Hot HD Wallpapers from the Movie The Sweeney

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