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Top 7 Hot Actress to Watch Out in 2015

We wish year 2014 went great for you and your loved ones. Now everybody started looking with better expectation for year 2015, we wanted to list down hot chicks who gonna entertain you from film industry. #1 Dianna Agron The 28 year old hot American actress, dancer and singer born in Georgia. She is also good at being… Read More »

Scarlett Johansson Confirmed to play Superhuman in Movie Lucy

The Avenger hot Scarlett Johansson confirmed to play superhuman role in Sci-Fiction movie Lucy. The movie will be directed by Luc Besson. Besson currently directing mafia gang story Malavita and eager to switch on to movie Lucy. Lucy will be action plus Sci-Fiction in which Scarlett Johansson who will turn to possessing extraordinary ability like telekinesis, the elimination of… Read More »