Suresh Raina Childhood Picture

By | February 3, 2013

Suresh Raina known for his charm and cuteness was no different in his childhood. The aggressive left hand Indian batsman fromĀ Uttar Pradesh. Raina made his debut against Sri Lanka at the age of 18. Since he has grown into batsman and terrific fielder.

"Suresh Raina Childhood Picture"

Suresh Raina Childhood Picture

7 thoughts on “Suresh Raina Childhood Picture

  1. jitender jaryal

    i really like to watch suresh Raina when he doing batting.
    i love him very much. he is mine fav. cricketer and god bless him.i wanna see him as a no. cricketer of ICC.

  2. koushika

    hi vice captain iam koushika your greatest fan of the world. u are soooooooooooo charming. i love u so much .all the best for IPL 6.

  3. Stella

    HI,Raina, i am your big fan. U r so cute… I lv u so so much..God bless ur every moment..

  4. meera shamila

    hi anna,i am biggest fan of u,u r my sweet anna,i like u so much, all is well for ur future…anna, accept me as ur sister…bye take care anna…

  5. shree aswini

    hai anna i am a biggest fan of u .I love u so much .All the best for the semi finial matches.I have no brothers but love to have a brother so that please accpet me as ur sister.take care of ur health anna .always luch is with u

  6. kavitha somu

    hai bro Iam ur bigggest fan.u had a bright of luck.

  7. dhana lakshmi

    anna i like you very much please pls pls play well i pray for you and don,t marry one


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