Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Review

By | December 19, 2015

Finally got my tickets to watch the movie at Fountain Park, Edinburgh. The movie which known to be big and been huge across the generations was most anticipated one for long time. The fan base which started right from 1977 when the movies first edition (Technically 4th version) “A New Hope” was released. Its been 38 years and love for the movie is not dipped down yet. We find movie hall is been filled with people of age ranging from 5 to 60 years old. For the people of age 40 to 60 years, it was like their childhood has been revived and same pulse passed into their kids.

"Han Solo and Chewbacca Entry Scene"

Han Solo and Chewbacca Entry Scene

This movie going to erase talks about George Lucas who screwed the Star Wars series 1, 2, 3 and made it look like lousy. It was uphill task for the new director J.J. Abrams known for his movies Armageddon, Mission Impossible 3 and recently Star Trek into Darkness.

"Kylo Ren without Helmet in Star Wars"

Kylo Ren without Helmet in Star Wars

The movie begins with troops been sent from First Order ship towards the planet “Jakku” to recover the map finding Luke Skywalker. Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) best pilot of resistance will put the map chip into droid and story ignites from there. The first order destroys the resistance village and take Poe back to ship. Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) son of Han Solo (Harrison Ford) who been in hands of dark side tortures Poe and reads his mind that map is in droid (BB-8).

"Finn with Poe Dameron Jacket"

Finn with Poe Dameron Jacket

BB-8 droid which happen to meet Rey (Daisy Ridley) and simultaneously Poe will be helped by Finn (John Boyega) to escape from ship who been soldier of First Order has come to senses in his first mission. The movie takes us how Rey, Finn and BB-8 droid escape the planet Jakku and meet Han Solo to reach the resistance planet.

"Daisy Ridley Cute reactions in Star Wars The Forece Awakens"

Daisy Ridley Cute reactions in Star Wars The Forece Awakens

Furious First Order makes decision to kill all the republicans and destroys all the supporting planets with laser beam. Kylo Ren who captures Rey in their invasion in resistance base and rest of people lend their hands to save her. Also meanwhile Rey slowly starts to learn about her powers and how she uses to overthrow Kylo.

"Daisy Ridley with BB8 in the movie"

Daisy Ridley with BB8 in the movie

Every big series movie requires right ending to make the audience to look forward for the next series. We need to thank director J.J. Abrams for giving the right end which was lacking in the previous three parts. Next movie Star Wars VIII expected release 2017 however this was real treat for all those fans who been disappointed for decade.

Written by: Joel
Star Wars: The Force Awakens Movie Review
Date published: 12/19/2015
4 / 5 stars

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