Selena Gomez New Boyfriend Alfredo Flores?

By | February 12, 2013

The 20 year old hot Selena Gomez was found holding arm in arm with her new boy friend Alfredo Flores? The couple were caught in photographers eye while leaving post Grammy award party on Sunday night Feb 10, 2013. Most shocking out lot is Alfredo Flores is none another than best friend of Justin Bieber. For the unknown Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez got broke on this new year with whole drama went during that time.

"Selena Gomez New Boyfriend Alfredo Flores"

Selena Gomez New Boyfriend Alfredo Flores

There been reports stating that Alfredo Flores was trying to convince Selena Gomez to join hands with his best friend and not to sneak her out. The Spring Breakers star was wearing pencil black dress with golden bra on top was sizzling the night party. Though on seeing the picture huge number of Justin fans were upset but we got to say just Alfredo was behaving as perfect gentlemen with Selena.

"Selena Gomez  Hot HD Wallpaper"

Selena Gomez Hot HD Wallpaper

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