Robert Pattinson The Rover Trailer

By | March 13, 2013

Robert Pattinson known for is vampire model setup finds himself in new look for his upcoming movie ‘ The Rover ‘. The first look of the rover are out in which Pattinson and Guy Pearce looking in dirty Australian. Robert Pattinson who play the role as Reynolds who is an typical Western Australian guy. Guy Pearce (Vilan of Iron Man 3) plays as Eric who is a dangerous near future Australia. The screenplay and direction of the movie done by David Michod.

"Robert Pattinson The Rover Trailer"

Robert Pattinson The Rover Trailer

Its been alleged that Robert Pattinson asked for space from Kristen Stewart. The twilight vampire wanted to be away from Kristen according recent reports from new tabloid report. Adding to this vow Robert one friend told weekly magazine that Robert Pattinson want to space with Kristen Stewart after lot happened between Kristen and Rupert Sanders. It’s likely to be permanent break up.

"Robert Pattinson The Rover Wallpaper"

Robert Pattinson The Rover Wallpaper

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