Rihanna GQ Magazine Hot Pictures

By | January 1, 2013

Rihanna the hot Barbadian recording artist was in full mood to satisfy her fans in recent GQ magazine photo shoot. The sexy singer was found in minimum dress for the entire photo shoot in which she was seen in almost baby dress. The 24 old year’s Rihanna was revealing her hot body with attractive look in photos.

Rihanna GQ Magazine Hot Pictures

“Rihanna GQ Magazine Hot Pictures”

Apart from peeping into Rihanna modesty you can also look for several collections of tattoos in body.  The tattoos just enhanced the beauty of her which found in almost entire part of body with signifying picture below her breast.

"Rihanna GQ Magazine Cover"

Rihanna GQ Magazine Cover

In one of picture Rihanna was found lying in red color sofa with her left hand covering modesty by giving glamorous look to the camera. In other photo she was showing her back beauty wearing slim panty.

"Rihanna new GQ Magazine cover 2012"

Rihanna new GQ Magazine cover 2012

Anyways Rihanna stored the best for GQ magazine cover photo with over coat on top by showing her top modesty and in bottom her beautiful slender hand covering it. Rihanna added in magazine stating she now only has feel of woman. Rihanna also makes duet with her boyfriend Chris brown for the upcoming album ‘Unapologetic’.


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