Pain and Gain Movie Review 2013

By | March 11, 2013

Pain and Gain is an deadly combination of Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg action packed Hollywood movie. The film is based on 1999 Miami New Times articles which involves steroid bodybuilders entertaining themselves in theft and kidnapping. When things go horribly wrong which lead to things that happen rest is the story. The movie is written by Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely and directed by Michael Bay. The Pain and Gain movie will rock the theatres on April 26, 2013.

"Pain and Gain Movie Review 2013"

Pain and Gain Movie Review 2013

Star Cast:

The main stars of the movie are been Mark Wahlberg as Daniel Lugo, Dwayne Johnson as Paul Doyle. The other lead roles played by Anthony Mackie as Adrian Doorbal, Rebel Wilson as Ramona Eldridge, Tony Shalhoub as Victor Kershaw, Ed Harris as Detective Ed Du Bois, Kurt Angle as TBA, Rob Corddry as John Mese, Ken Jeong as Johnny Wu, Bar Paly as Sorina Luminita and much more.

"Dwayne Johnson HD Pictures from Movie Pain and Gain"

Dwayne Johnson HD Pictures from Movie Pain and Gain

Main Plot:

Daniel Lugo(Mark Wahlberg) is an body builder at the Sun Gym who make is work out with his friend Adrian Doorbal(Anthony Mackie). Daniel feels cursed to be living such poor life and make plans to become rich in much easier and faster way.  When Daniel Lugo decided to kidnap rich business man Victor Kershaw(Tony Shalhoub) who’s regular to the Sun Gym. On fine day Daniel and friends accompanied with Paul Doyle(Dwayne Johnson) who recently released from jail execute successfully in kidnapping.

Now Sun Gym gang make Victor Kershaw to bleed and force him to sign in all the business and fiances papers. When things going fine the gang there been sudden turn around when murder attempt on Victor Kershaw fails. Now Victor hires detective Ed Du Bois(Ed Harris) to execute the entire gang when Miami Police department fails to do their job. Ramona Eldridge(Rebel Wilson) plays as girlfriend of Daniel Lugo in this fast action movie.

"Bar Paly and Dwayne Johnson HD Wallpaper from Movie Pain and Gain"

Bar Paly and Dwayne Johnson HD Wallpaper from Movie Pain and Gain

The movie is produced by Michael Bay, Ian Bryce and Donald De Line. Also it’s distributed world wide by Paramount Pictures. Check out the featured Pain and Gain movie trailer 2013.

"Bar Paly Hot HD Wallpaper from Pain and Gain Movie"

Bar Paly Hot HD Wallpaper from Pain and Gain Movie

Watch Pain and Gain Movie Trailer 2013:

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