Only God Forgives Movie Review

By | July 15, 2013

The next upcoming movie in Hollywood is Only God Forgives. The movie is planned to be released on the 19th of July in the year 2013. The director of this movie is Nicolas Winding Refn.  He was the director of the movie “Drive”. The movie will be distributed by Radius, Radius – TWC.

"Only God Forgives Movie Review"

Only God Forgives Movie Review

The main characters in the movie are being played by the actors Ryan Gosling as Julian, Kristin Scott Thomas as Crystal, Vithaya Pansringarm as Lt. Chang, the “Angel of Death”, Ratha Phongam (Yaya-Ying) as Mai, a prostitute associated with Julian, Gordon Brown as Gordon, Tom Burke as Billy Thompson, Julian’s brother, Byron Gibson as Byron, Danai Thiengtham as Li Po, Sahajak Boonthanakit as Pol Col. KIM, Nophand Boonyai as Charlie, Teerawat Mulville as Ko Sam, Kovit Wattanakul as Choi Yan Lee, Wichita Watjana Rat as Ma Fong and many more.

Julian Thompson lives in Bangkok. He owns a boxing club in Bangkok, which is actually a front for drug smuggling dealings. Julian’s brother is Billy, who kills an underage prostitute. Lieutenant Chang arrives to the murder spot before informing the girls dad Choi Yan Lee. For the murder done by Billy, Chang allows Choi to beat Billy to death. Then Chang cuts the hand of Choice for allowing his child to remain in prostitution.

Billy’s mother Crystal comes to Bangkok to see the brutal murder of her son. She tells her son Julian to kill the person who is responsible for the death of her son Billy. Julian with half heart goes to Chang to kill him. Chang tells Julia that it was the law of “Angel of Death” which he must abide and as per the law he also cut the hands of Choi. Hearing all this, Julian felt that he was right.

Julian’s mother Crystal keeps on pestering him to kill Choi for killing his brother and Julian keeps refusing. In the meantime Julian gets into fight with Chang, a member of his boxing club. Julian also finds that Chang is also a part of “Angel of Death” who is responsible for his brother’s death. He challenges Chang that he will defeat him and kill him.

In the other end Crystal gets into meeting with a man to kill Chang, who was the reason for her son’s death. The rest of the movie shows who succeeds in the match and how Julian succeeds in fulfilling his mother’s wish. This thriller movie always keeps the audience sit at the edge of their seat with all its twists and turns. This movie will be welcomed by all people who loves thriller sort of movie with unexpected entries.

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