Oblivion Movie Review 2013

By | February 13, 2013

After Jack Reacher movie Tom Cruise next most anticipated movie ‘Oblivion’ trailer are been out. The Sci-Fi genre movie which been written and directed by Joseph Kosinski who is already known for his works in the movie ‘TRON Legacy’. Tom Cruise staring as Jack Harper in the movie which is set to release on April 19, 2013. Other key star cast of the movie are been Morgan Freeman as Malcolm Beech, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Sykes, Olga Kurylenko as Julia, Zoe Bell as Kara, Melissa Leo as Sally and Andrea Riseborough as Victoria.

"Tom Cruise HD Wallpaper from Movie Oblivion"

Tom Cruise HD Wallpaper from Movie Oblivion

The main plot of movie is that Jack Harper been sent to distant planet where be he been given with task to kill the aliens. Jack realize the task of killing alien later half when Julia an mysterious girl revoke the memories inside Jack. The movie that moves around the science-fiction and superheroes concepts just makes fans keep interested on the movie.

"Oblivion Movie Review 2013"

Oblivion Movie Review 2013

Tom Cruise working on this new Sci-Fi after his last one for ‘War of the Worlds’ directed by Steven Spielberg. There been high hopes that Oblivion would still make 50 year old Cruise to hit the box office.

"Olga Kurylenko Hot HD Wallpapers"

Olga Kurylenko Hot HD Wallpapers

There been recently Oblivion trailer released. You can watch complete trailer of Oblivion 2013 only in Celebhistory.

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