Mumbai Mirror Movie Review

By | December 29, 2012

The new movie which is planned to be released on the starting of 2013 is “Mumbai Mirror”. This is being directed by Ankush Bhatt and it is being planned to be released on the 18th of January in 2013. The movie is being produced by Raina Sachiin Joshi and Ankush Bhatt. The music directors of the movie are Amjad Nadeem and Anand Raaj Anand.

"Gihana Khan hot in Mumbai Mirror"

Gihana Khan hot in Mumbai Mirror

The Choreographer of this movie are Chinni Prakash and Rekha Chinni Prakash and the main characters of this movie are being played by the actors Aditya Pancholi, Ghaini Khan, Prashant Narayan, Raja Bherwani, Rajendra Chawla, Achint Kaur, Gihana Khan, Gulshan Grover, Ishrat Ali, Kiran Kumar, Mahesh Manjrekar, Mukesh Rishi, Prakash Raj, Prashant Narayanan, Sachiin Joshi, Shipla Shukla, Vimala Raman and many more.

"Mumbai Mirror Wallpapers Gihana Khan hot"

Mumbai Mirror Wallpapers Gihana Khan hot

The story of the “Mumbai Mirror” revolves around the life of a police officer which is being played by Sachiin Joshi in the big and bad city called Mumbai. The people who live in Mumbai are different from the people in other parts of the country. All who comes to this city starts running for an unknown race and everyone aspires o win in that race. The entire movie displays the truth of survival of the fittest.

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