Monsters University Movie Review 2013

By | April 29, 2013

The next upcoming 3D animated comedy movie in Hollywood is planned to be released on the 21st of June in 2013. The director of this movie is Dan Scanlon. Kori Rae is the producer of this movie and it will be released under the production of Pixar Animation Studios. It is the fourteenths movie which is being released under Pixar production and this movie is the prequel to “Monster’s Inc” which was released in 2001. The distributer of this movie is Walt Disney Pictures.

"Monsters University Movie Review 2013"

Monsters University Movie Review 2013

There are few new characters in this movie. Billy Crystal will be giving voice to the role of Mike Wazowski, John Goodman will be speaking for James P. Sullivan, Steve Buscemi will be voicing for Randall Boggs and Frank Oz will be giving voice to Jeff Fungus. The rest of the characters are the same as in previous movie and few of them are Joel Murray as Don Carlton, the founding member of Oozma Kappa fraternity, Sean Hayes as Terri Perry, an Oozma Kappa fraternity member, Dave Foley as Terry Perry, an Oozma Kappa fraternity member, Peter Sohn as Scott “Squishy” Squibbles, an Oozma Kappa fraternity member, Charlie Day as Art, an Oozma Kappa fraternity member. The other minor characters which were there in the previous movie are also present in this movie.

The movie will depict the relationship which was between Mike and Sulley. They were together in the Monsters University. Even though they were not great friends at those times when they spent their time in University, there exists some bond between the two members. The screenplay of this movie was done by Robert L. Baird and the writer of this movie is also the same. The movie is filled with comedy with all its new characters and already existing characters. Hope this movie is liked by the audience as the last movie in this series.

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