Miranda Kerr Childhood Photos

By | February 7, 2013

Miranda Kerr Australian model who was known to world by¬†Victoria’s Secret Angels in the year 2007. The hot model been involved in various photo shoot for the magazines and lots more campaigns for various other things. Miranda Kerr was named the new face for Mango Spring campaign for 2013.¬†Now on Miranda Kerr childhood photos in which beautiful model in small glimpse of smile.

"Miranda Kerr Childhood Photos"

Miranda Kerr Childhood Photos

In another photo Miranda Kerr as very small baby hold by his dad in the hand. The Victoria Secret beauty was in pink dress with finger in her mouth.

"Miranda Kerr Childhood Picture"

Miranda Kerr Childhood Pictures

In the last photo of Miranda Kerr childhood picture collection the hot model in water tub with widened smile in the face. Check out more pictures of Miranda Kerr.

"Miranda Kerr Child Photos"

Miranda Kerr Child Photos

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