Metallics and Pastels Ruled Academy Award’s Red Carpet

By | March 11, 2013

Metallic tones and pastel hues glittered brightly on the 85th Annual Academy Awards red carpet. The winners, Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway, opted for sexy, feminine and muted colors for this grand night.
Hathaway looked stunning in the Audrey Hepburn-esque pink color gown from Prada. She paired her outfit with bright pink color lips and statement necklace. Her no-fuss fringe of the natural hair tint added greater beauty to her modest styling.

"Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway, HD Wallpaper from Oscar 2013"

Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway, HD Wallpaper from Oscar 2013

Lawrence, the winner of the Best Actress title, looked gorgeous in a voluminous gown from Christian Dior. She wore the dress with confidence and coupled it with shimmering earrings and a black necklace. Well, this might not be the usual style of Hollywood, but the gown was really breathtaking from its back side. Lawrence highlighted this bright gown with her black color necklace.

These two ladies were not the only ones. There were other actresses as well who chose sexy or pastel tones for revealing their style statement in the red carpet. Amongst the other celebrities were the nominees of Best Actress – Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams – who portrayed themselves in sexy color dresses and gowns.
Octavia Spencer and Amanda Seyfried followed the same suit in the red carpet of Oscar event this year. Again, Charlize Theron in a marvelous Christian Dior gown and Kristen Stewart in Reem Arca gown are the pretty examples of celebrities in lighter white shades giving the glaring look with their entire dress-up.

"Oscar Red Carpet Hot HD Wallpaper"

Oscar Red Carpet Hot HD Wallpaper

Theron was perfectly dressed, yet it appeared as if she could have worn more accessories since her make-up and hair both were minimal. Coming to Stewart, her entire dress-up was quite disappointing since the dress ill-fitted on her. The dress was too old in comparison to this young scarlet.

"Oscar Red Carpet Hot HQ Wallpaper"

Oscar Red Carpet Hot HQ Wallpaper

Well having said about the sexy and lighter shades, let us reflect on the metallic and jeweled toned dresses. Catherine Zeta-Jones dazzled in her Zuhair Murad gold embroidered dress. It was a glorious return for Zeta-Jones on the reds carpet. This dazzling star celebrated her homeage to musical success in Oscars 10 years back.
Salma Hayek had a sensational look in her Alexander McQueen velvet gown of navy blue color. The elaborate gold studded halter neck looked dramatic with the entire gown! She paired her gown with golden accessories, tight up-do and smoky dark make-up. The entire look made her the best dressed star of the grand evening.

Adele and Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry stood out of the crowd in their gleaming silver gowns. Adele, the Oscar winner, looked shimmering in her black gown having silver jewel detailing. Bullock opted for Elie Saab metallic gown for the Academy Awards.

"Wallpaper from 85th Academy Awards"

Wallpaper from 85th Academy Awards

The exclusive Giorgio Armani Prive gown of Watts was unique and lovely at the same time! The entire event of Oscar shimmered with metallic and sexy toned dresses!!!

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