Mama Movie Review

By | January 26, 2013

The upcoming movie which is planned to be released this February is “Mama”. Andy Muschietti directed this movie. Guillermo Del Toro and J. Miles Dale are the producers of this movie. Jessica Chastain, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Megan Charpentier and many more acted in this movie.

"Jessica Chastain Hot HD Wallpapers from Movie Mama"

Jessica Chastain Hot HD Wallpapers from Movie Mama

The horror movie shows the life of two small girls who lose their parents when they are in a very small age. Both the little girls are found missing into the woods after their parents death. At last they return to their home they do not return to their home alone.

A man called Jeffrey kills his business partner and his wife. After killing them he takes their 3 year old daughter Victoria and 1 year old daughter Lilly away from home. HE takes both the kids in a car. Due to snow covered in the roads the car slides and Jeffrey falls with the kids inside the car to the woods. The car crashes and Jeffrey takes both the kids in to an abandoned cabin. When Jeffrey tries to kill Victoria with a pistol, an unknown person helps the children to escape from the hands of Jeffrey.

Five years later a crew is sent by Jeffrey’s brother Lucas to check for the children. They find the car and also the children in the abandoned home. They find both the kids alive but in an animal like behavior. They are put under the care of Dr. Gerald Dreyfuss. Doctor accepts to monitor the kids as told by Lucas and his girl friend Annabel. At one point Gerald finds the mysterious drawing done by the girls. They call them “Mama“and they play and speak with them. Gerald thinks that these characters are just Victoria’s imagination and not real.

On the other hand on night when Lucas and Annabel are together Annabel sees a character in her mirror and when Lucas tries to find out who that was he is being attacked by Mama. He falls from the staircase and loses his consciousness. Annabel having no connection with the kids is now been put under the pressure of taking care of the kids alone.

Victoria starts to tell stories about Mama and so Annabel tell to Dreyfuss to study about Mama. On his path to find about Mama he comes across the story of Edith. On the other hand Annabel gets nightmare about Mama and her past. Mama has jumped from the cliff trying to herself with her baby whom she steeled from the nuns. The baby was dead but Mama fell into the water and kept finding for her child.

The story continues to move in a thrilling way and all the truths begin to come to light. At the end Annabel fins that both Mama and Edith are the same person. Lucas regains his consciousness and moves into the woods to find his brothers remain. At last Victoria and Lily are being taken away by Mama to the same cliff to suicide. Annabel keeps Victoria to herself but Lily keeps staying with Mama and both of them jump from the cliff and leave their lives. Victoria sees a moth land on her hand and she assumes that to be lily and calms herself.

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