Leonardo DiCaprio Features in ‘August Man’ Magazine February 2013 Issue

By | January 25, 2013

Leonardo DiCaprio features in ‘August Man’ magazine February 2013 issue showing off his TAG Heuer watch. The highest paid actor in the world looking forward for his upcoming novel based romantic movie ‘The Great Gatsby’. Leonardo also shared about turning 40 in couple of years and his work with ‘August Man’ magazine.

"Leonardo DiCaprio HD Young Wallpaper"

Leonardo DiCaprio HD Young Wallpaper

The 38 year old Leonardo DiCaprio said turning forty in couple of years yet to strike his sense. The actor also said growing from middle class family to become actor was just made him felt to be dream. The Titanic star added once he got into drive wanted to give his best.

"Leonardo DiCaprio HD Wallpapers"

Leonardo DiCaprio HD Wallpapers

Leonardo also shared about his concern towards public and he has raised foundation to help the poor people. He finally added on his acting career he always wanted to do best work for the audience and show how different from others.

"Leonardo DiCaprio Features in 'August Man' Magazine February 2013 Issue"

Leonardo DiCaprio Features in ‘August Man’ Magazine February 2013 Issue

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