Krampus Movie Review – Not worth your time

By | December 15, 2015

The movie Krampus which has been rated to be a Strong Threat and only 15 years+ older age people are recommended to watch the movie. The movie was not horrific as it been rated and storyline which tells about Krampus (horned, anthropomorphic figure) who will punish the misbehaving children during Christmas when Saint Nicholas will be rewarding. The story was made on Max Engel (Emjay Anthony) bad wish during a Christmas which invites the Krampus to come and hunt his family.

"Krampus Movie Review"

Krampus Movie Review

Even though director Michael Dougherty tried to screen play the movie with humour and horror, we need to admit the horror was not justified. The movie more over looked to be childish and moral value which could inferred by the kids. Unfortunately kids are not allowed to watch the movie which is been the story though. Tom Engel (Adam Scott) and Sarah Engel (Toni Collette) did their role well enough to be appreciated.

You might like way they ended the movie still director failed to make the whole audience feel the horror and threat which expected out of this movie. Overall it’s not worthy enough to watch the movie in theatre.

Krampus Movie Review
Date published: 12/15/2015
1 / 5 stars

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