Jurassic Park 4 Release Date Announced

By | January 12, 2013

The childhood nightmares are back again. The one of most breath holding movie Jurassic Park series are back again. Recently Universal Pictures confirmed the release date of Jurassic Park 4 to be on June 13, 2014. As you expect from latest technology development in the Hollywood the movie which was last seen 11 years back will have special effects that you would feel scary now itself.

"Jurassic Park 4 Release Date Announced"

Jurassic Park 4 Release Date Announced

The movie going to be produced by renowned director Steven Spielberg. The work for the movie will be starting very sooner. We would start to hear about cast crew for Jurassic Park 4 sooner or later. The movie which been filmed in 3D just going to make the Dinosaurs to knock your seats in theatre. Stay updated with us to know more about the movie.

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