Enough Star Wars – Watch Joy, An Eye opener truly inspiring film

By | January 1, 2016

Possibly another academy winning performance by Jennifer Lawrence in the movie Joy. The movie which was released on New Year eve of 2016 in United Kingdom has just started to hustle around the cinema halls. Jennifer Lawrence plays as Joy who has a greater ambitions to implement her ideas and also loads of trouble with her family.

The movie which starts with the narration about her family and probable problem usually comes with them. First half hour of the movie which revolve around the family problems faced by any household women in United States or anywhere to start with. On one fine day when her childhood friend Jackie (Dascha Polanco) comes to meet Joy which sets the fire to re-think about her older memories and a push to march towards the ambition.

"Jennifer Lawrence Hot in Joy"

Jennifer Lawrence Hot in Joy

Robert De Niro as Rudy who plays the father of Joy and got divorced with Virginia Madsen as Terry who is mother of Jennifer. Terry who always sits in front of TV and tried to spend her whole life in it. Rudy who been divorced with Terry got new rich love in the form of Isabella Rossellini as Trudy. Elisabeth Röhm as Peggy who played jealousy sister role in the movie. Also Diane Ladd as Mimi plays the role of grand mother and person who always there to motivate the ideas of Joy in the movie.

"Joy Family Photo"

Joy Family Photo

Édgar Ramírez as Tony who has played divorced husband and good friend of Jennifer Lawrence. When Jennifer Lawrence convinced her step mother Rudy to invest on Mop innovation. Movie showcases the failure and hurdles you need to face when starting up with any new idea.

"Jennifer Lawrence HD Wallpaper from Joy"

Jennifer Lawrence HD Wallpaper from Joy

Tony arranges a meeting with Bradley Cooper played as Neil Walker who leads team for selling products online through live TV shows. The meeting which would possibly changes the approach and provide win-win to stage for Joy to walk in right path of success.

Rest of the movies speaks about copyrights and patent issues one could face in this big dangerous business world. Though movie didn’t explain those patent issues more clearly and how she recovered from them were bit disappointment.

"Bradley Cooper HD Wallpaper from Joy Movie"

Bradley Cooper HD Wallpaper from Joy Movie

It’s a must watch movie which will enlighten your faded ideas and ambitions in your life that lost in the years it passed. Let this new beginning of the year 2016 helps you re-think about those ambitions and make your self ready to work towards them.

Except Jennifer Lawrence other’s didn’t have impact on the movie probably their roles were bit diluted on screen. Also Bradley Cooper had limited role to play unlike previous movies directed by David O. Russell. The movie could have concentrated more on Jennifer struggle related to ideas rather than household stuffs. This is the 3rd movie for Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and David O. Russell after Oscar winning (actress) for Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle.

Written by: Joel
Date published: 01/01/2016
2 / 5 stars

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