Josie Gibson Reveals Reason for Weight Loss

By | January 26, 2013

Josie Gibson former Big Brother star reveals her main reason made her to put lot of weight. The hot actress(Deserving?) on recent interview with channel told she was addicted to sugar. She addiction to sugar was to blame with for her all those fats.

"Josie Gibson Reveals Reason for Weight Loss"

Josie Gibson Reveals Reason for Weight Loss

Josie Gibson shared her diet plan and tips on weight loss when interviewed in ITV1 channel for Daybreak show. Later when Josie decided to loose weight first thing she stopped from her diet was taking sugar. Also 28 year old star added doing regular exercise helped her to loose four stone just in six months. It made her entire diet plan cycle into new level which helped to loose those four stone. Latest pictures of Josie Gibson only in Celebhistory!!!

"Josie Gibson Hot HD Wallpaper"

Josie Gibson Hot HD Wallpaper

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