Josie Gibson Diet Plan

By | December 30, 2012

Josie Gibson famous British media personality who has won the Big Brother 2010. But Josie been in news for some other reason. Josie Gibson reduced four stone in only six months. Well we can add it has 27 year old Josie was posing in slim beautiful body has been shocked and astonished everyone. This huge weight loss happened due to strict follow up of Josie Gibson diet plan.

"Josie Gibson posing with her 6 stone weight loss"

Josie Gibson posing with her 6 stone weight loss

Josie Gibson diet plan was released as DVD by Josie herself just to be hitting all the people by this Christmas. The DVD cover just reveal about before and after her weight loss displaying beautiful your body. Josie Gibson was very proud and happier to loose huge weight in time span of just six months.

"Josie Gibson Diet Plan"

Josie Gibson Diet Plan

One thought on “Josie Gibson Diet Plan

  1. Andrea

    I really respect Josie for her weight loss. Well done Josie. I am struggling with my weight.I train four times a week and I even cut down on my my meals and I am not shifting.
    Josie please stay motivated.


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