Jeremy Renner and Eva Longoria Expecting Secret Baby?

By | January 16, 2013

The Oscar nominee for 2013 Jeremy Renner and blown away pair Eva Longoria in Golden Globes awards hit the headline again. There been unconfirmed reports the duo expecting secret baby. The eyewitness who have seen the couple in smoke room heard Jeremy Renner saying “I’m going to fly in when her water breaks”. For which hot Eva Longoria replied saying “I’m so blown away”.

"Jeremy Renner HD Wallpapers"

Jeremy Renner HD Wallpapers

These reports are been still unconfirmed and lately Jeremy Renner and Eva Longoria were dating for sometime but none were able to believe they were serious. With Oscar results will be out sooner will Jeremy Renner will be awarded much highest award as DAD!!. Previously Jeremy Renner was dating Jess Macallan for four years but the couple got split up in the year of 2010.

"Eva Longoria HD Hot Wallpapers"

Eva Longoria HD Hot Wallpapers

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