Jennifer Lawrence dating Bradley Cooper?

By | February 24, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence dating Bradley Cooper? After humongous box office hit of ‘Sliver Linings Playbook‘ Jennifer and Cooper are at the verge of completing their next movie ‘Serena’. Even before the Serena movie set to release there been already talks about another new movie are going to see the pair work together again.  Yes! the couple are going to act in an movie (Title of movie yet to be decided) directed by David O. Russell.

"Jennifer Lawrence dating Bradley Cooper"

Jennifer Lawrence dating Bradley Cooper

The series of movies together by Jennifer Lawrence and Bradely Cooper just set the flame in the Hollywood that couple dating in real which helping their chemistry in the movies. On recent interview to media Jennifer Lawrence confirmed she got nothing more than friendship with Bradely Cooper off the cameras. Also insisted that they are good friends in off and this relationship will continue to end.

"Jennifer Lawrence Hot HD Wallpaper"

Jennifer Lawrence Hot HD Wallpaper

The results of Oscar 2013 are set to release today(Feb 24, 2013) with Jennifer Lawrence going to grab the best female actress and likely Bradely Cooper will be getting hold of best male actor award. All the latest news updates of Oscar 2013 only in

"Jennifer Lawrence Latest Pictures from Hunger Games"

Jennifer Lawrence Latest Pictures from Hunger Games

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