Is Emily Maynard in Love with ex Sean Lowe

By | January 23, 2013

Emily Maynard ‘The Bachelorette 8’ TV show actress still in love with co-star and ex lover Sean Lowe. The reality star Emily on her recent interview told media Sean Lowe is most perfect bachelor, hot babe, kind heart and great family man to be.  These recent statements from Emily just made people re-think whether spark of love in Emily again revoked?

"Is Emily Maynard in Love with ex Sean Lowe"

Is Emily Maynard in Love with ex Sean Lowe

For another question Emily Maynard about Sean Lowe, she told the media that “No, he seems really happy so no matter how I feel.”. These statements just prove to be Emily feeling her love on Sean Lowe just expressing her regrets to be alone in different way.  Emily also admitted that the TV star received hate emails from fans for sending Sean Lowe home.

"Emily Maynard Hot HD Wallpaper"

Emily Maynard Hot HD Wallpaper

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