Flight Movie Review

By | January 27, 2013

The Flight movie nominated for two oscars. Robert Zemeckis is the director of this movie. Robert Zemeckis, Walter F. Parkes, Laurie MacDonald, Jack Rapke and Steve Starkey are the producers of this movie. Denzel Washington, James Badge Dale, Don Cheadle and many more are a part of this movie’s crew.

"Nadine Velazquez Hot HD Wallpaper from movie Flight"

Nadine Velazquez Hot HD Wallpaper from movie Flight

The main plot of this story shows the life of a pilot which changes after a point of time. The daring pilot lands a broken plane. But instead of praising his act of heroism he is been blamed and put to shame that he has drunk and driven the plane and put the life of travelers to risk.

William Whitaker is the pilot of the plane. Before driving his plane he awakens after a night of sex along with alcohol and a very little sleep with flight attendant Katrina Marquez. Then he drives the plane and he mixes vodka with orange juice and takes a nap when hi copilot Ken Evans flies the flight. Due to the effect of vodka that Whip intakes, he loses his control and the plane goes into a steep dive while landing in the destination. Whip rolls the plane in order to avoid the plane diving before crash landing the plane in a field. Whip loses his consciousness upon that impact.

"Flight Movie Review Kelly Reilly Hot Wallpaper"

Flight Movie Review Kelly Reilly Hot Wallpaper

Whip awakens with minor injuries in a hospital in Atlanta. He is been greeted by his old friend Charlie Anderson who now represents the airline’s pilot union. Charlie praise Whip for saving 96 people’s lives out of 102 people who boarded the flight. Whip is informed that Katerina was one among the people who were killed in the incident and his copilot Ken has been put into coma.

In the stay in hospital Whip sees Nichole who is recovering from the heroin overdose. Whip promises to meet her even after she leaves the hospital. AT that point Whip is been informed by Charlie that when Whip was unconscious they took test over him and found that he has drunk and driven the flight and Charlie also told that the guards are behind Whip to put him in jail.

Whip secretly moves to his farm house. He goes to meet Nichole where he finds her in trouble. Then he tells her to stay with him in his farm house. Then there starts a romantic relationship between Whip and Nichole. Nichole in other way keeps calm but Whip falls In love with her. Anyway Whip was not able to control his drug habit and his drinks. Nichole leaves him at one state. Whip then visits his ex-wife and teenage son.

The rest of the story shows whether Whip is put in prison and what he does after his imprisonment if so. The story also unties the knot whether he and his son comes together and also what is the end of the romantic relationship between Whip and his love Nichole.

"Nadine Velazquez Hot HD Wallpaper"

Nadine Velazquez Hot HD Wallpaper

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