Dwayne Johnson Snitch Movie Review

By | February 10, 2013

“The Rock” cum Dwayne Johnson’s next movie which is predicted to hit the box office soon is “Snitch”. After his great hits like “G.I.Joe : Retaliation”, ” Plain and Gain” and “The Fast and the Furious 6”, this movie is also expected to take Dwayne to great heights with all its action sequence in this movie. The director of this movie is Ric Roman Waugh. The Action cum thriller movie will be released on the 22nd of February in 2013 this year. The other co stars in this movie are Michael K. Williams, Jon Bernthal and Susan Sarandon.

"Dwayne Johnson Snitch HD Wallpaper"

Dwayne Johnson Snitch Movie Review

Dwayne Johnson plays the role of a father who tries risks his life and family in order to take his son out of prison. His teenage son has to spend 10 long years in prison since he was arrested for selling drugs. The role of the teenage son is being played by James Allen McCune. Dwayne in exchange of his son’s amnesty accepts to spy a drug cartel. He accepts to help the FBI is arresting the whole drug cartel. In this mission Dwayne is put forward to risk not only his own life but also put his whole family to risk. The rest of the movie shows whether Dwayne finally succeeds in his mission and takes his son with him or whether he misses his own family for this cause.

"Nadine Velazquez Hot Wallpaper from Movie Snitch"

Nadine Velazquez Hot Wallpaper from Movie Snitch

The action sequence of this movie has come really well with much precision. There also arises a little surprise how the director and writer of the movie Ric Roman Waugh spent seventeen long years as a stuntman and coordinator. He has already had a group of hits such as Tango & Cash, Total Recall (1990), Hook and The Crow, among many others. Ric Roman Waugh as all knows is also the brother of famous stuntman who recently turned in to a film maker, Scott Waugh.

"Susan Sarandon HD Wallpaper from Movie Snitch"

Susan Sarandon HD Wallpaper from Movie Snitch

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