David Movie Review

By | December 30, 2012

The upcoming movie in Bollywood is “David” and is planned to be released on the 1st of February 2013. The movie is being directed by Bejoy Nambiar and the movie is being produced by Sharada Trilok and Bejoy Nambiar. The most famous news about this movie is that it is being directed both in Tamil and Hindi at the same time.

"Lara Dutta hot in movie David"

Lara Dutta hot in movie David

The lead role in this movie is being played by Vikram and the second lead role is being played by Vinay Virmani in Hindi while it is being played by Jiiva in Tamil version. The other roles in this movie are being played by Lara Dutta, Neil Nitin Mukesh, Tabu and Isha Sharvani. The story of David displays the life of three people who live in different parts of the country in 3 different eras who are totally connected to each other only by their names “David” and by nothing else.

"Isha Sharvani Hot in movie David HD Wallpapers"

Isha Sharvani Hot in movie David HD Wallpapers

The first David lives in the year 1975 in London. The 30 year old David works under a dreadful Mafia don. The Don controls the entire Asian people. David is being brought up under the guidance of the Don and is ready to take ever the crown. In that time a revelation occurs, this changes the future of our hero David.

"David Movie Tabu Wallpapers"

David Movie Tabu Wallpapers

The second David lives in the year 1999 in Mumbai. The 19 year old David is born as a Christian and grows up as a musician. He grows up in a very devoted Christian family and he leads his life as a happy go lucky teenager. At one stage his and his family’s peace is being destroyed when his family is being pulled into a political issue.

"David Movie Wallpapers of Vikram"

David Movie Wallpapers of Vikram

The third David lives in the year 2010 in Goa. The 40 year old David leads his life as a fisherman in a small village called Betful which is a part of Goa. David falls in love with a girl “Roma” who is deaf and dumb. The problem with his love is that, the girl is being engaged with David’s close friend Peter and they are getting wedded in 10 days.



The 3 David’s take a step further in their journey which is going to be a turning point in their life and it may change their path in their journey towards a different direction. The movie beautifully describes the concept of 3 LIVES 3 DESTINIES who are connected by only one thing in common between them – their name “DAVID”.


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