Daniel Radcliffe “Horns” Movie Photos

By | December 30, 2012

Daniel Radcliffe the Harry Potter star sets ready to himself for his new movie “Horns”. The young star recent photo of movie “Horns” released in which Daniel Radcliffe looking with “Horns” in forehead. The movie driven from Novel written by Joe Hill.

"Daniel Radcliffe “Horns” Movie Photos"

Daniel Radcliffe “Horns” Movie Photos

The movie “Horns” directed by Alexandre Aja which is based on love with horror. Accordning to movie Daniel Radcliffe found himself with horns in his forehead everyday longer. Also he been accused of rape and murder of his girlfriend. In the movie Daniel comes as 26 year old person. Also horns got some powers which makes others to tell truth. The movie set to release in 2013. All the Harry Potter fans awaiting for their hero much awaited movie of the next year.

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