Daniel Craig Suggest Robert Pattinson Next James Bond

By | January 27, 2013

Daniel Craig told ‘OK’ magazine that Robert Pattinson would be good successor for James Bond. He added that young British Twilight star will ideally suit for James Bond. Though Daniel Craig has been signed up for two more movies to act as Bond but Skyfall star feels he will not sign up anymore on it.

"Robert Pattinson HD Wallpaper in Suit with Glasses"

Robert Pattinson HD Wallpaper in Suit with Glasses

After the suggestion of Daniel if you could compare former Bond ‘Pierce Brosnan’ and Robert Pattinson they suit alike in some states in their look. Anyways this news would not be much of possibility and happening near future with few years are left to see new James Bond.

"Daniel Craig HD Wallpaper"

Daniel Craig HD Wallpaper

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