Chloë Grace Moretz for Scary and Gabriella Wilde for Glam – Carrie

By | October 19, 2013

One of most anticipated scary movies of the year easily be Carrie. The classic remake movie which revolves around shy girl who going to outcast and threaten the entire town. With the movie been getting ready to release for this Christmas December 6, 2013. Check out for complete movie review on Carrie here. As of now we can see overview what the Carrie can really delivers us for. I would love to categorize into two parts as like most of scary movies known to do.

First part will be easy to guess and it’s obvious that they going to scare you (Lol!). Well Chloë Grace Moretz young 16 year old girl going to play the role of Carrie White will be helping yourself accompanied with all the scare and thriller which you came to look for. The young actress who has already lined up with more than handful of movies to film on hectic (good) schedule ahead. Check out the Chloë Grace Moretz scary pictures from Carrie.

"Chloë Grace Moretz Scary Wallpaper"

Chloë Grace Moretz Scary Wallpaper

Another part will be not that hard to guess either, as most of thriller / scary movies opt for brutal combo to generate money is going to be glamour (hot and sexy). Gabriella Wilde who will be playing as Sue Snell as possible chance of filling that portion. The girl will be giving way to let her boyfriend Tammy to lead Carrie to the senior Prom. We would expect Endless Love actress to show quite bit glam in the movie to make audience hot beat to skyrocketing. Check out hot pictures of Gabriella Wilde.

"Gabriella Wilde Hot Wallpaper from Movie Carrie"

Gabriella Wilde Hot Wallpaper from Movie Carrie

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