Celebrity Birthday on January 20

By | January 19, 2013

Rob Bourdon:

Rob Bourdon is an professional drummer in rock group ‘Linkin Park’. The drummer who turning 33 year who like to keep his hands on Piano always. The super fact about Rob Bourdon never played piano for ‘Linkin Park’ though he liked the most to play.

"Rob Bourdon Wallpaper"

Rob Bourdon Wallpaper

Rachel Perry:

Rachel Perry former VJ in VH1 channel and Canadian TV celebrity who turns 36 years. The beautiful Rachel Perry been doing various host for TV programs. She started her career with TV episode CSI:NY.

"Rachel Perry Hot HD Wallpaper"

Rachel Perry Hot HD Wallpaper

Skeet Ulrich:

Skeet Ulrich known for his role in the CBS drama Jericho as Jake Green who turns 42 year old. There been unconfirmed rumor that actor been working on his upcoming movie ‘Citizen Soldiers’.

"Skeet Ulrich Wallpaper"

Skeet Ulrich Wallpaper

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