Celebrities with Herpes

By | September 28, 2013

Sparkling Stardom and Red Carpet Mayhem flourish in the gala, glamorous and grandeur lives of every Hollywood Icon who has made it to the top of the charts. Though celebrities never go unnoticed, some facts always escape the common eye. Even something as obvious as Herpes, that would show itself to the outside world through blisters and skin inflammations, becomes tougher for celebrities to either hide or mask with their stardom. Considering the extensively outward socialite she is, Paris Hilton is one of the most famous celebrities known to have been affected by Herpes. Janet Jackson too went through one of the most controversial cases of Herpes which was depicted in the movie The Smoking Gun where she manipulated Ricardo Macchi to buy Zovirax. Zovirax saw another incredibly hot star, Britney Spears, who was seen buying it near Los Angeles.

"Celebrities with Herpes Katie Holmes"

Celebrities with Herpes Katie Holmes

Being such an easy transmittable disease, Herpes gives Jessica Alba lots to fight for. Her revelation of the disease that shocked the industry was soon set to normalcy when she, till now, holds the disease under control. Anne Heche however scripts a tragic experience of rape at a very young age of 12 due to which she incurred Herpes. Lauren Hutton who still sparks a punch in her looks confessed her infection of genital herpes. Another surprise celebrity would be Katie Holmes of the Dark Knight Trilogy who, also, became a victim of Genital Herpes. Another Jessica, in Jessica Beil allegedly got it from Jetter. Famous pop icon Mariah Carey, known to be a highly social symbol, made her startling revelation about herpes. Other icons who allegedly got from Jetter include Scarlett Johansson, and Vanessa Millino.

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