About Time Movie Review

By | November 4, 2013

The next upcoming movie in Hollywood is “About Time”. The movie is planned to be released on the 8th of November in 2013 (World Wide). The movie is written and directed by Richard Curtis. The movie will be released by Universal Pictures. The comedy cum romantic movie will be released on the 8th of November worldwide but the limited version of this movie was released on the 1st of November in 2013.

"About Time Movie Review"

About Time Movie Review

The main roles in the movie are played by the actors Rachel McAdams – ‘Mary’, Domhnall Gleeson – ‘Tim Lake’, Bill Nighy – ‘Tim’s Father’, Tom Hollander, Margot Robbie and many more.

The movie revolves around the life of Tim.  After the New year party Tim’s father speaks to Tim about a special gift the men in their family members have. The gift was that they can travel through time. The gift although gave few happiness to the family but put their family members into lot of trouble. Tim wanted to make his family happy by finding his girl friend and settling happily in his wife.

Tim travels from Cornwall coast to London to train as a lawyer. On his visit to London he finally finds his soul mate Mary (played by Rachel McAdams) who lives alone and leads an insecure life. They both love each other but again Tim has to come back. Each time Tim travel through time and finds his girl friend he has to start from first for his love as it appears as though they have never met before.

So Tim finally decides to propose Mary and marry her. Tim creates a very romantic proposal with all his powers and he makes sure that his wedding goes well without the worst things happening during his wedding. They both marry and Mary becomes pregnant.

The rest of the movie shows how Tim travels through time on each of his journey and finishes all his works successfully without any disaster in his life. He also wants to make sure that his best friend does not get shattered from his professional disaster and he has to get to the hospital in time so that his wife Mary gives birth to their daughter without more trouble.  He has to finish all his duty amidst the traffic jam and other hindrances he faces.

Tim finds that although his families inherited gift of Time travelling t him has gifted him with many beautiful happiness in his life including his most beloved wife, it has also brought many sorrows and troubles in his life. It has put him in difficult situations. The comedy and romance in this movie will make the audience to enjoy each and every moment in the movie and the Time traveling makes the people to enjoy it more.

"About Time Movie Wallpaper of Hot Rachel McAdams"

About Time Movie Wallpaper of Hot Rachel McAdams

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